Plumbing Businesses Received Massive Income Boost during Winter in Illinois

It’s a good time to own a plumbing business! Recent statistics show that plumbers made almost triple the amount of income they usually make just in winter alone. This was a cold and harsh winter in Chicago. Frigid temperatures kept schools out for several days at a time, as well as caused a lot of home damage for several residents of the area. In fact, the winter of 2015 gave plumbers an influx of business more so than any other winter for the past 4 years. If you were able to avoid any home damage throughout this winter, consider yourself lucky, and make sure you’re prepared for next year.

Burst pipes was a common issue as temperatures dropped to the point where it would freeze out the pipe and cause massive floods inside Chicago homes. This is why these Naperville Plumbers ended up reaping the benefits of having a 24 hour service and extending their service area. Plumbers who were smart all ended up doing this. Those who were not open 24 hours begun then to turn their business into an emergency solution. It was a smart business decision to make that extra bit of money that normally they wouldn’t make. Profits almost tripled from the year before, leaving us to wonder, maybe it’s time to get into the plumbing business?

According to, The average plumber in Chicago makes roughly $37,000 annually. However, according to recent results, some plumbers were able to make that amount with just winter alone. For those with home insurance, the cost of repairing a burst pipe can cost up to $7,000, if not more. In some cases, there have been instances where repairs had gone up to $15,000 after fixing the damage to the flooring as well. So it was very easy for plumbers to reap the benefits of the cold weather as they had burst pipe repair after burst pipe repair. You can see how the numbers can quickly add up with just a few phone calls for an emergency plumbing problem.