Plastic Surgeons Named Chicago’s Top Grossing Practitioners

Physicians have a reputation for being well compensated financially, and plastic surgeons really come close to the top of the list of well paid medical practitioners, especially in Chicago. In a society that increasingly pays more attention to how people look and attaching value to outward appearance, plastic surgery is definitely a smart career choice, and that’s why there was a huge increase of breast augmentation procedures in Chicago.

The healthcare industry website, Medscape, estimated that by 2013 plastic surgery was ranked as the seventh highest paid medical specialty with a mean income of $321,000  a year. It is estimated that 14% of plastic surgeons earn $500,000 or more, 30% of plastic surgeons earned $300,000 to $500,000 while about 56% earned $300,000 or less. When asked if they would choose the same career if they got do it all over again, 82% of plastic surgeons reported that the would, which is an extremely high statistic compared to a mere 40% across all other specialty jobs. This means that they have one of the highest job satisfaction rates with regards to income.

For employed plastic surgeons, their main sources of income was from salaries, bonus` and planned profit sharing contributions but for partners it included all this as well as earnings from the practice after taxes. It is important to note that these statistics do not include other possible external sources of income that plastic surgeons earn such as earnings from being an expert witness and earnings from speaking engagements.

There is always a difference in income between men and women across most professions and plastic surgery is no exception. It is estimated that men are likely to earn about 39% more than women annually. Men earn an average of about $343,000 while women an average of about $250,000. It however is important to note that there are far less women in plastic surgery as compared to men.

Geographical location also matters as plastic surgeons in the Southeast of the USA earn more than their counterparts in the Northwest of the country. Dr. Placik, one of the top Chicago plastic surgeons (for more info visit Breast Enlargement Chicago Website), reported earnings of about $204,000, while those in the Southeast earn about $352,000 which is a significant income difference. Those in the mid-Atlantic report about $322,000 while those in Great lakes region report about $340,000.

Practice setting is also a significant factor contributing to the income of plastic surgeons as those working for healthcare organization are likely to earn a lot more than those in the solo practice or outpatient clinic. For example surgeons working for healthcare organizations on average earned about $411,000 a year while those in the office based solo practice and hospitals earned $297,000 a year, while those who worked outpatient clinics generated an annual income of $240,000. About 41% of all plastic surgeons run cash only service while 24% are part of the ACO or intend on joining soon, while 6% run a concierge practice.

There are several strategies that can be implemented to increase the salary of a plastic surgery. The first is that it is important because emerging technologies are radically changing the face of the industry and providing less invasive means and tools of performing the same tasks and are much safer.

Another way of improving income is realizing that the target market demographic for plastic surgery is changing. Traditionally only women were interested in plastic surgery and men who engaged in it were perceived as feminine leading to a stereotype but that is rapidly changing with male millennial now open to the possibility of going through plastic surgery so it is important that a surgeon address not just female but also male concerns.

For those running a solo private practice, it is critical that to increase income the proprietor must engage in marketing as a tool to reach his/her target audience and as a way of educating them on the services that are offered. Marketing involves placing ads, using brochures and most importantly word of mouth because nothing in marketing comes close to the good PR from a happy client.

For those plastic surgeons that are young and still have the ability to move from one state to another, statistics show that those surgeons working in the Southeast of the USA earn about 75% more than those in the Northwest, which means means moving to the Southeast could lead to significant increase in income.

A way of earning extra cash often overlooked by some plastic surgeons is writing books, articles in magazines and blogs. People want to know more about plastic surgery and writing could provide an opportunity to not only market a surgeons practice but also demystify the process of plastic surgery as well root out myths. A plastic surgeon can also give paid engagements and work as an expert witness in legal proceedings.

In conclusion it is important to note that the future looks bright for those in the practice with more and more people interested in plastic surgery as stereotypes fall away and technology makes the procedures safer everyday.

Chicago Tattoo Artist Invents New Removal Cream

Can a cream really remove a tattoo?

In the United States, tattoos have increasingly become more popular year after year. As a society, it has become far more socially acceptable having a tattoo than it was years ago. You can even see reality television shows based on tattoo artists.

With the increase of people getting tattoos, there has also been an increase of people getting them removed as well. Every now and then, people regret their decision. Whether it was because they were too young at the time, or got a tattoo of something they didn’t like, the tattoo removal industry has sky rocketed, generating close to $80 million dollars in revenue.

Robert Goodkind, a Chicago Tattoo owner, has been a tattoo artist for over 10 years. He has had his small Chicago shop since the start, and has seen an increase of clients come in, especially since the start of 2010. “More people feel comfortable with getting tattoos,” he says. But what happens when they change their mind? They have to spend thousands upon thousands of dollars to get the tattoo removed.

This is where Robert had an interesting solution and decided to take matters into his own hands. Instead of losing business and having clients getting their tattoos removed through a clinic, he decided to work with a team of scientists to develop a brand new rubbing cream that slowly removes a tattoo. It’s a one step 100% natural removal process. You apply it once a day for 30 days and you will see your tattoo vanish. It truly works like magic. If you’d like more information on how the cream works, feel free to follow CNN’s article.

No doubt about it that this is a game changer in the tattooing industry. Rob feels that this will help people take the leap if they are on the fence of getting a tattoo because now they have a back up plan in case they end up changing their mind down the road. Previously, most people who were contemplating getting a tattoo would be worried that this is something permanent, its something that will never go away. With a pain free solution, future tattoo clients wont have to be worried about that anymore. It’s a back up plan they can turn to in case they change their mind.

Pricing for the product still has not been determined. Although, the scientists are keeping in mind the average cost of a tattoo removal is $300 per visit, with the average taking roughly 5-7 visits. That leaves you at a total of about $2,100 to get an average sized tattoo removed. The cream is going to be significantly cheaper and offer a solution that will be affordable for the mass population that has a tattoo.


Plumbing Businesses Received Massive Income Boost during Winter in Illinois

It’s a good time to own a plumbing business! Recent statistics show that plumbers made almost triple the amount of income they usually make just in winter alone. This was a cold and harsh winter in Chicago. Frigid temperatures kept schools out for several days at a time, as well as caused a lot of home damage for several residents of the area. In fact, the winter of 2015 gave plumbers an influx of business more so than any other winter for the past 4 years. If you were able to avoid any home damage throughout this winter, consider yourself lucky, and make sure you’re prepared for next year.

Burst pipes was a common issue as temperatures dropped to the point where it would freeze out the pipe and cause massive floods inside Chicago homes. This is why these Naperville Plumbers ended up reaping the benefits of having a 24 hour service and extending their service area. Plumbers who were smart all ended up doing this. Those who were not open 24 hours begun then to turn their business into an emergency solution. It was a smart business decision to make that extra bit of money that normally they wouldn’t make. Profits almost tripled from the year before, leaving us to wonder, maybe it’s time to get into the plumbing business?

According to, The average plumber in Chicago makes roughly $37,000 annually. However, according to recent results, some plumbers were able to make that amount with just winter alone. For those with home insurance, the cost of repairing a burst pipe can cost up to $7,000, if not more. In some cases, there have been instances where repairs had gone up to $15,000 after fixing the damage to the flooring as well. So it was very easy for plumbers to reap the benefits of the cold weather as they had burst pipe repair after burst pipe repair. You can see how the numbers can quickly add up with just a few phone calls for an emergency plumbing problem.